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Vertical blinds

 Due to their similarity and reliability, vertical blinds have become one of the most popular tools for window decoration all around the world.


Vertical window blinds are applied for variuos purposes. They provide elegance and cosiness for office and home. They disperse and adjust the stream of light coming through the window, therefore the interior looks new and different. 



Fabric vertical blinds

Fabric vertical blinds are made of a special impregnated, stiff fabric that doesn’t lose its qualities for years. Those are fabrics of polyester or polyester with cotton manufactured in Germany, Spain, France and Italy. They don’t fade in sunlight, don’t attract dust and maintain their original appearance requiring minimal care for years.



String vertical blinds

Originally from the Far East, string vertical blinds are rapidly gaining their popularity in Europe. They slightly dim the room, allow the air to circulate and give an exotic look.


Plastic vertical blinds

Plastic vertical blinds are durable and don’t deform from moisture or high temperature fluctuations, don’t attract dust or soak smells. They are easy to clean - once removed from the frame they can be washed with a mild soap or detergent. Due to these features plastic vertical blinds are ideal for indoor areas with high sanitation requirements. They are irreplaceable in various medical offices, humid rooms. At home they are best suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.



Glasgard vertical blinds

Vertical blinds Glasgaard allow only 3% of the sunlight to enter the room and at the same time don’t obscure the view through the window. From the inside the view will be slightly dimmed, while from the outside the window will have a mirrored surface.



Vertical blinds from natural materials

Vertical blinds made of natural materials provide a sense of comfort and sophistication. They are a perfect fit for classical furniture and at the same time give a unique feel of coziness for more contemporary interiors. We offer vertical blinds from woven wood, bamboo twigs, jute and other plant fibers.




Curve-shaped vertical blinds

Arched windows or an orangery with curve-shaped windows can also be equipped with practical and easy to use blinds. Various control options are available and any kind of vertical blind materials may be used.




Trapeze-shaped vertical blinds

Oftentimes, trapeze-shaped vertical blinds are the only practical and convenient way to cover the attic or staircase windows. The unique construction of vertical blinds allows to produce not only rectangular but also triangular and trapeze shaped blinds. A special control mechanism doesn’t allow the hanging straps to slide down even on highly tilted frames.

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